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(but not really)

i spent a full day moping because i thought i had gotten banned the minute i finally show my writing. it only took me going on reddit to realize that it was a universal issue and that maybe icloud mail should have an unsend function.

i think the world be a greater if emails had an unsend function. i normally hate that sort of feature on apps like instagram or snapchat cause it leads to you not really being able to trust if that's what they really think or not. but i feel like with emails there's more leeway (unless it's important or has already been seen or something)

i feel like i just talk to myself a lot. the other night i was on the phone with my friend, and no matter how much i try to play the "brooding/mysterious bassist" role, i just cannot keep my mouth shut. i spoke for fifteen minutes on end about the song i have been trying to learn (honestly by american football!!!) before realizing the friend i had been talking to had fallen asleep fifteen minutes before. finished learning the bassline though. it's a pretty fun song to play and i totally recommend it to any guitarists/bassists out there. or just people who like music in general.

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I think its very funny that everyones first assumption was that they had been banned lol. Like we were trying to convince ourselves.

BUT YEA, the chatterbox struggle is REAL. Especially when I'm around people who are on the quieter side, It makes me feel like I have to fill the space. I feel like the internet only exacerbates it because its kind of like an empty space that actively encourages people to say whatever they want lol. I personally like the message delete function for that reason, it's a comforting idea that I can go back and filter baha. Craft my persona to perfection. I like your point about the authenticity of conversations on apps like that though, I think thats an important thing.

also, love american football. Honestly has such a cool bassline too)

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