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Art block is over WOOOOO

I finally am able to draw again after a harsh drought of art block, I’ve been able to draw things again! (One of them being absolutely disproportionate but i drew it anyways KASJHDSAKJHD IT WAS KANAYA AFTER RESSURECTING AND SHES MAKING THE FACE OF THAT ONE GUY DOING A MEME ON TIKTOK OF SKYLER WHITE TELLING JESSE TO NOT SELL WALTER DRUGS WITH THE VINE BOOM ITS SO BAD AKJSHDLASKHJDSA)

I really am excited to draw in the afternoon tomorrow but its 4 am so I can’t really do it now on account of my sleeping schedule being utter ass. Hope that i can sleep and not wake up at 4pm again.

This is what happens when no one hires you at 23 btw, terrible sleeping and art block.

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