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too much

idk if it's just me, but i couldn't LogIn all day omg. I've only started my account and joined everyone about 3 days ago. im enjoying it so far. i haven't met many people like i wanted to. even tho my bio is not so informative, i really am talkative and sociable. 

I painted my nails yesterday. i love pink, so naturally, i painted 4 fingers pink on both hands and left the middle a shimmery baby blue. they i put a sparkly gloss over the pink. i took it off today and did a different style for various reasons. 1. is that it looked terrible and messed up, like smudged. 2. being that valentines day is coming up and i want to do a deep red nd pink, kind of. i am not too fond of red, but it's valentines day! i really do love valentines day whether or not someone has a partner to share it with. 

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