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i recently finished the makanai: cooking for the maiko house and i was really into it!!! The outfits of all the characters really fit their personalities, everywhere inside saku was beautiful and felt really homey, especially the kitchen + Asukas office. 

I also loved the relationship between Sumire + Kiyo! You can really feel the deep bond they share as childhood besties.

I just had a great time watching this show. It didnt feel rushed or too slow, except in the parts it wanted to, and had this amazing comforting aura. Totally made me forget I was behind on rent.

I recommend it if you like Kyoto, Maiko, Geiko, Mai + People enjoying food.

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ooo I'll check that out it looks interesting! I hadn't heard of it til now

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I hope u enjoy it as much as I did!!!!!!!

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