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day in my life <3

so today im planning on getting dressed up super cute and picking up my boyfriend, then hes going to come over and im burning some candles and have my wax melt going so that it smells really good in here. im nervous because we barely see each other and i havent seen him in 2 weeks so ofc im a little nervous, this is kinda just whatever i feel like typing at this moment so sorry its a bit random lol. i also plan on (because its snowing) to go out while its snowing and maybe walking around some. i hope he dresses warm lol. i dont think ill put on any makeup besides mascara because he says he likes my "natural beauty" whatever that means, and he said i could do his makeup and im so exited but it wont match because i have a very fair complexion compared to him lol. anyways ill update this later !! <3

update: welp, he doesnt get to come over because the "snow and sleet is too bad" yet its not even RAINING anymore. very upset, we are out of school tomorrow also so i guess i can ask about him coming over tomorrow but i doubt it because the snow storm is supposed to last unles next week. which is very upsetting because like i said i havent seen him outside of school in so long.

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