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Survey <3

name: Madeleine

nickname: Mady, Nancy

age: 14

pronouns: She/they

birthday: Not sharing

siblings: 1 devious brother

straight/bi/gay: bi

job: being a dumbass


hair color: brunette (ish)

eye color: brown

height: 5'2''

ethnicity: american

look like a celeb: i dont think so?

dye your hair: yes (covering the blue with brown)

have bangs: no

have braces: no

wear glasses: no

wear contacts: no

piercings: I WISHH

tattoos: none


Color: green

Movie: Thirteen or Rocky Horror Picture Show

TV show: Fleabag

animal: Cat

drink: Green Tea

food: toast 

alcoholic drink: idk (underage)

car: idk

day of the week: Thursday

season: Winter

song: Gold Dust Woman or Spit

sport: none

restaurant: Subway

teacher: none

subject: English

holiday: halloween

book: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime

magazine: idk

flower: Orchid

memory: meeting bsf

LASTperson you hugged: Kai

thing you said: "You definitely lick Sonic's asshole"

thing you ate: Coffee

texted: AJ

you called: AJ

called you: Aj

person you saw: teacher

you had a long conversation with: AJ


summer or winter: winter

cats or dogs: cats

Pepsi or Coke: neither

cell phone or Ipod: phone

ocean or pool: ocean

black or white: black

chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

 flowers or candy: flowers

rock or rap: rock

TV or movie: movie

AIM or MySpace: myspace

stars or hearts: stars

bracelets or necklaces: bracelets 

gold or silver: silver

kisses or hugs: both

pen or pencil: pens


smoked: no

failed a test: no

stayed home from school: no

been to the mall: no

bought a book: yes

been to a show/concert: yes

yelled at someone: yes

got into a fight/argument:  yes

cried to a friend: no

told the truth: i hope

lied: possiblyI


TV: no

your own phone: yes

your own phone line: no

VCR: no

DVD player: no

radio: yes

computer: yes

posters: Yes

of what?: botanical diagrams, Fleetwood Mac, Evanescense, etc

pictures: drawn on my wall: Ye

sof who?: 2D (Gorillaz


taken or single: on limbo between two rn

got a crush: yes

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