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Category: Art and Photography

- Commissions -

(May be subject to change)


Paper sketch:$2.50

Digital sketch: $2.00

Paper lineart: $5.00

Digital lineart: $3.50

Full-color traditional complex shading: $12.50

Full color digital complex shading: $10.00

Full-color traditional simple: $9.50

Full-color digital simple: $7.50

Profile picture: $3.50

Small painting: $12.00

Medium painting: $18.00

+$2.50 for each added character 

+$1-6 if a background is added, depends on complexity.

Will not draw robotics/vehicles, realism, hateful content, NSFW, incest, pedophilia, or ships of real people*.

WILL draw any fanart, real-life people, semi-realism, plants, animals, original characters, and soft gore,

*May draw real life couples IF they are already together irl.

If there is a specific style you want, please make sure to inform me and provide an example of one of my pieces that shows that style.

You may NOT claim my work as your own, use my work for commercial purposes, or modify my work without properly crediting me.

You MAY use my work as a profile picture, display my work, and/or modify it so long as you provide credit (such as coloring a lineart commission).


Discord: SpacePage#7254

Instagram: @ugly.years.tm

Email: uglyyearsspacepage@gmail.com 

I take Cashapp and Ko-fi!



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