dream 1/30/23

hey i figured it'd be cool if i started sharing some of the dreams I have on here since most of the time they're weird and interesting :3

with most dreams I don't really remember how it started, but the plot of the dream was:

I was working as a drink mixer for Satan in a kitchen of other not exactly tortured souls but like chill other people who were there to do the same ykyk

it was all cool, I had like a few cool powers like bein able to fly around and shrink to hide and shit like most of my dreams

then we get to the dumbass part

ok so to preface I have a shit relationship with my dad because of various things I don't wanna elaborate on lol but all you gotta know is he was a crazy ass mf 

so my dad used to dress up as slash (the guitarist) for Halloween and shit and bro just randomly appeared in hell while I was working (very fitting the guy deserves to go to hell LOL)

idk whatever the fuck he was rambling about, I don't remember and I don't care

so we get to the good part, dishwasher

in the small kitchen we had a dishwasher that wasn't all that special, except for the fact it was a literal monster. thing had teeth, a tongue, etc etc. 

tldr; I was so fed up with my dad's bs I fed him to a man eating dishwasher while enter sandman played in the background

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