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This is the placeholder blog full of literally nothing rn!! but don't worry, eventually we'll probably use it for cool stuff and updates or whatever, but that's for a little farther in the future

uhhh i guess i can give a few small "updates" on stuff? well we're working on being an actual band right now, I (ryan) have been playing guitar for over 3 years (i can barely count that high so you know it's a really prestigious amount of time to be playing, right?) and am the one writing the lyrics at the moment, and mostly singing them too even though i sound like a dying whale

... i don't know if that's gonna get a lot of people on board but whatever

chris has been playing the bass for almost a year and a half

and kitty (evan) has been playing the drums for only a little buut hey! he's enthusiastic!!

we're from kane, pennsylvania so if you're by some chance around the area, cool!! you should totally friend us and like, follow us on instagram too because why not?

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