Why do people categorize anime differently ??

I know this might start something n thatz not my intent !! I'm just kinda confuzed,,, I don't get why ppl treat anime like itz own category ?? Or say they like ALL anime ?? That's like saying you like all cartoonz or all mystery showz n stuff,,, I personally just categorize anime with cartoons, I don't see why people treat it separately ? Isn't it just a cartoon at its core as well ?? N also being like "Talk 2 me if you like anime !" Isn't the best indicator of a person, they might like completely different anime than you ?? IDK CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS 2 ME

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You are right in the sense that anime are cartoons and manga are comics, the reason we have them in a separate category altogether however is because stylistically they're very different. Gonna generalize here but in Asia, Anime is seen as an all ages thing. Anime can much more openly be catered to adults. Here, cartoons are unfortunately almost exclusively seen as a kids thing, so cartoons tend to be more family oriented.
TLDR; they almost always have a huge difference in art style and content

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But yea, cartoons and anime, comics and manga, literally all the same thing
Its just style and often times content that separate them

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Hrmm,,, I see what you're saying,,, but don't western countries have stuff like South Park, Rick and Morty, and Family Guy which are for adults ?? Not attacking btw !! Just wanna clarify bc I like 2 understand stuff better ^^

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We def do have adult animation, but if you notice all the examples you listen are generally all adult comedies that lean into a certain style. Anime is a bit more diverse when it comes to adult media. Honestly adult animation in the west needs more diversity lol

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