OC Introduction!

Hello hello, I made a brand new lineup reference for my beloveds so here!

Meet Dandylions! a 70s rock group from England.

Roger is the singer and frontman. Hes very confident, bold, and quite the romantic!

Charlie is the guitarist. Hes abit shy, but once you get to know him you'll learn hes got a bad temper, prone to getting frustrated easily and having outbursts. Hes a nice guy though, I promise!!

John is the bassist. Hes the most popular member alongside Roger because of his cool, laid-back attitude. Although, he's not the brightest at times...

Nick is the drummer! Hes basically the tired dad of the group, trying to keep everything under control when their manager isn't around.

I look forward to posting more about these guys, they mean alot to me :]

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