tips for surviving the cold weather!!

hey everyone! there's about two months left for winter and i'm ngl, it's been a cold season. even where i'm from, it's always 🌧 and ☔ all the time T-T. since i'm not used to the cold, i had to come up with some tips to keep myself warm, especially when buildings on campus do not have any central heating. 

tip 1: if possible, wear long socks or leg warmers underneath your pants. you will retain some body heat and an extra layer can prevent cold wind and rain making your legs cold. 🧦

tip 2: invest in a long winter coat that is wind and rain resistant, preferably with feather or faux feather filling. THESE KEEP YOU WARM!!! trust me. they might be expensive, but i got one coat for under $100 at nordstrom rack. it is worth the investment, and that website has sales all the time. 

tip 3: whenever traveling, take some warm water or tea in a hydro or insulating water bottle. it can keep your insides warm and prevents you from getting too cold which can lead to getting sick. warm meals work as well! ☕

tip 4: bring some hand lotion. dry hands are quite common during the winter months. for me, when my hands are dry, it causes my hands to hurt because the epidermis is cracked and exposed. moisturized hands provide some relief. 

tip 5: bring heat packs/compresses for your hands if it is too cold. ❄

tip 6: wear a scarf to keep your neck warm. wear a hat to keep your head warm to maintain body heat. 

tip 7: bring an umbrella if there is a chance it might rain or snow! better safe than sorry. you don't wanna be caught in a rainstorm like i have (they suck).

hope these help! i'm over winter; impatiently waiting for spring and longer days. <33 🌺

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ill definitely keep those in mind!!! im brazillian and i reaaally want to travel to some cold countries during october, and that fall cold some countries have is way worse than my winter cold here aoisndaosdn thank you!

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aww not problem! so glad it helped! i live in a warmer climate but it's been an unusually cold winter hehe. my birth place is much colder and i dont know how i managed when i was younger lol.

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