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ok,  what's up. I'm march. Im here to talk about some ill shit and as of RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW. CURRENTLY. The most ill shit. Is this. This is gonna be a series of blogs about ill shit, you can tell from the title "the illest" which i thought was cool cause it can also be read as like "the ill, list" you know what i mean a little double entendre there.
This is gonna be less of a list and more of a organized collection of rants on something i like at the moment. Right now I'm really liking this idea, so I'm going to let you all know why this idea is the best idea and why i'm the best to execute it.
  • First off, and most importantly. I am super ill, I am nicknamed by my friends "the most ill" (dont fact check me) and i have to admit that nickname is hyper accurate. When it comes to what i do? ILL. When it comes to how i do what i do? ILL. I'm candidate number one. 
  • Second off, I find ALL the illest shit, i find the illest movies, the illest songs, the illest albums, the illest art, etc etc. Now you may question my credibility (idk why you would, im ill. dont question me.) but i keep ill company, those around me, are ill as well and can fact check my illness. 
not illness like sickness, illness like how ill i am.
  • Third off, i'm SO ill, i cant contain my illness, tragic fact coming up. I'm so ill, i can hardly take in ill shit without getting illsick. On a positive note, that means that ALL the ill shit i find, i gotta put it somewhere. The illness needs to be spread, and i cant do anything besides spread it.
THEILLEST will make you more ill. NOT SICK (and im ok, but my watch sick)
right there, thats an ill ass line from THE lil wayne, on the classic "A milli" play that shit, it's ill
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