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has any1 played KH3? I bought it... I hope it's good! I heard some of the ff7-ff8 cast is there.. I really want to get into the kingdom hearts games. I'm sure it will be fun :]

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Kh3 is simultaneously good and bad to get into it with imo. It’s an easy game, but it’s not nearly as good as the other games. Kh2 is my fav, I love kh2. Dream drop distance is rlly fun on the ps4 too. I got the ‘story so far’ pack with the other games in it

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XD this blog post is 5 months old... ive played every kh game now. i did end up buying the ps4 packs with all the games, very good. honestly? my favs are probably DDD or Kh3 (which im not sure why i like as much as i do lol)

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Oh I didn’t realize lol, DDD is super fun, I luv it

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