Garlic and Veg cream cheese spread from the ACME is good

It's been approximately 8 months since I graduated college. One thing I miss the most was my weekly free bagel and cream cheese. For context, I use to work at my schools writing center. Every Thursday afternoon, our schools Einstein's Bagels (located directly next to the writing center) would drop off whatever left over food they had. This ranged from bagels (obviously), drinks, and sweets (muffins, cookies, ect.) These little items of deliciousness would be available Thursday and all day Friday (sometimes Monday too if there were left overs... yes I did sometimes eat the 4 day old, sitting out on a plastic storage bin bagels... Monday mornings are rough alright.)

Fridays were literally my favorite day because of this. I would be coming from my first class of the day (My last semester it was a class about Genocide... very cheery, totally not horrified, frustrated, and angry with the world that let these things happen and continue to let happen. But yeah, very insightful class. Humanity sucks.)

I would come in and set everything up (I was a receptionist, so my job was to check people in for their appointments and set up at the beginning of the day/ clean up at the end) I would make sure all the tutor spaces were free of trash and had fresh pads of paper and pencils. Besides the first shift tutors, no one would really be in there so it was very peaceful. After setting everything up, I would check out all the pog foodies that were there. I usually ate whatever (my first class of the day was 9:30, aint no way I was eating breakfast before)

My go to (if they had it) was an asiago bagel. But they never had it (people would eat them
all on Thursday when they came in.... terrible... I hate those people)

My second go to or main was an everything bagel with garlic and chives cream cheese. Regular cream cheese normally freaks me out, but this stuff was fire. The garlic, the herbs, the texture. Fucking class. Literally on cloud 9 for my entire shift. When ever they ran out of this cream of the gods (hheheheh, ew) my day would be literally ruined. Like I would be pissed off the rest of my shift. Aint no way I was gonna eat the other flavors they had (they had a spicy one which I settled for sometimes and a strawberry one that I vowed to never put in my mouth.)
But on the days that it was still there, those were my happiest days. Made my day. Made my entire weekend. I could have like 12 assignments due that Monday but it didnt matter, got my garlic and chive cream cheese, im all set.

The last time I had this was in May of 2022.... Nearly 8 months ago.... I haven't had it since and I miss it soooooo much.

A few days ago, I looked online to see of I could find something similar. They had a garlic and veg cream cheese at the ACME. I was determined to get it. Today, my mom stopped at the store and got me some.... For the first time in 8 months, I had the everything bagel with garlic and veg cream cheese I had been craving since I graduated.... and the verdict is....

I mean, it's not as good as what I had before. Not as much garlic and veg flavor. A bit more tangy. Despite this, it really scratched that itch that I've been having. Is it like the cream cheese of my dreams? Not really.... but it'll do.... it will sustain me..... I dont know if i will ever get my dream cheese back, but this will hold me over until I do.... if I ever do again...

Overall rating for ACME brand Garlic and Veg Cream Cheese:
Good little cream cheese! The garlic and veg add a nice little kick too it!
Perfect if you want a little zing from your cream cheese and add a little spice to your morning!

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Something tells me the garlic and cream cheese also symbolizes something else you left behind 8 months ago. This got me very emotional. I’m glad that the Acme stuff nearly did the trick!

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I left my heart in the writting center.... I miss those bagels everday...

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