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Christmas is here, capitalist America

Red and green colors

normalized christianity
Bells in the air
and the same. fucking. songs. again.

Snow falling on the ground
friendly neighbors grumbling about the christmas cards they'll have to make
The smell of pies
i'm getting sick of mall santas

The trees are lit up
another freaking prince movie
Poinsettas on the table
even the good radio stations fall

"Feed the homeless"
then you take a bit for yourself
"Help the poor"
this old can of beans I wasn't going to eat will be a christmas miracle to someone

A season of giving
and hypothermia
And love
and money

The warm department stores
where bells jingle while a man on the street lights his last cigarette to get some last bit of heat
And no matter how many matches she sells, the little match-girl can't buy a family who loves her
She got kicked out for bringing her girlfriend to a family party. 

Chestnuts roasting on a dumpster fire
People drying their wet clothes
"Spare a coin?" comes the sound of a choir
freezing out there in the snow

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