✰✰THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE✰✰“friends, family & lovers“

♡︎The capacity humans have to give and receive love is truly amazing but just like everything else these things hardly last too long. One day you’ll love someone, the next day you can completely have no emotions toward that person. Yet still, our capacity to feel emotions is so huge that we feel all the emotions at once sometimes we even become numb. Unsure of what to feel. Which emotion we’re experiencing. Our words don’t quite have the same capacity as our emotions so we can never describe them perfectly either. Language is messy. It will never express the true emotions that you’re feeling. Friends, family & lovers could only ever get a glimpse of what you’re experiencing. They can never truly understand what it is that you feel, completely. You can describe it all you want. It only confuses them even more. It only makes them come up with a hundred other solutions that just don’t quite fix what it is that you’re feeling. That’s because it can never be fixed. That is the human experience. You must feel every emotion possible and face it alone till it passes but another emotion rolls right in after that one and the next. This is the harsh reality. Nobody. Not your friends family or lovers can save you from feeling things. You can never escape it. That’s the scariest part. All is not leading to your demise. Though it may feel like it , you’re not dying. You’re just living. Living is filled w nonstop cycles of forever changing emotions , thoughts ,beliefs & morals. As much as it’s terrifying it is the one beautiful thing we have. As long as we’re living. The changes of your emotions and thoughts and ideas and everything in between will change. You’re never going to experience 1 thing forever. & that. That is what gives me peace. When family, friends & lovers don’t understand you please remember it’s not that they don’t want to… they physically cannot live through your human experience. That’s okay. We’re all living through the eyes of an individual who’s going through these never ending cycles of emotions that people will just never understand & knowing that means you’re never alone. People don’t have to understand. They don’t have to feel what you feel. They don’t need to see the world in your eyes. this is what makes you, you. Special. Unique . Intriguing. Different. who you truly are will always be a mystery to others because you are the one living your human experience. Nobody else but you. So don’t end it because you can’t relate to others. We live for the experiences not the people we’ve had experiences with. They just make the emotional ride more enjoyable or more painful ♡︎ -YIN LOVEY                                                   

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