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thoughts on electric eels

i cant believe electric eels are real...

i also feel kinda empty inside but i started yoga today and im following a routine i hope to get better

...but seriously, how those things exist?? you want me to believe that there is some of spaghetti like thing that give electric shocks???

im in a totally brand new city w no real life friends and all of my friends are far now so maybe that is why i feel so depressed but has been six months since i moved and im still friends w all of them and it makes me rlly happy

SO YOU ARE SAYING TO ME that BIG FOOT isn’t real but ELECTRIC EELS are. ok. i’ve seen a loot of extra sized foot ppl but never seen anything close to a fish giving electric shocks. but okay if that is what people say...

i have been in a rlly bad place this past month but i feel like things are going to change from now on. i realized a lot of things and im ready to move on and start to heal,

but nothing and nobody will convince me that β€œelectric” eels are real wtf take anything like that away from me urgh

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I feel uuu
Lately i've been really anxious
Anyway these long ah fishes are real lol

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NOOO STOP EVEN YOU NOW??? i expected more from u... its sad to see how many young people had their minds washed to believe in such things as electric eels....

by kaari; ; Report

Yess they brain washed me

by π‘΄π’Šπ’π’ˆπ’‚π’–; ; Report