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today at work was pretty chill, one of my friends who i really enjoy talking to was in office (he's usually working from home but is in two days a week) so we got to see each other and roast each other which is how we show love yes. So that was fun, and then i had a meeting but everyone in it was working from home so i was in the boardroom alone with everyone on Teams. I got bored and drew on the whiteboard, i wonder how long it'll take people to see what i drew lmao they'll be so confused cus they listed some stuff like instructions and ideas and i wrote "drake = corny" and "kanye = based" hahaha

Later when i was home i played warzone with my friends and one of them was high asf and we got lots of funny clips, which could be good tiktok material but also the jokes are personal roasts so idk if it's funny to people who dont know us. But i got my first warzone 2 win and my first warzone win in general in literally years ;D

That win was the last game before i made work lunch for the week and wrote this, now im gonna go to bed and tomorrow after work i'll edit and find some funny parts.

Time to fall asleep to casual geographic and crash dummies podcast, and nope i havent touched tiktok today

also also my friend @malin joined bc of me and shes my first friend- if ur reading this hello hope u didnt stay up all night studying u fucking dumbass bruh

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im his first friend malin !!!

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suck on that losers

by malin; ; Report

yessir its malin who doesnt love a wild malin

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