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comfort characters ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

hiiii im slitsuu !! i watch a lot of anime n stuff so im gonna make a list of my comfort characters & why i love them so much. judgement free zone, pls !!!

♡ hatsune miku: the first vocaloid i became obsessed with back in 2013. i cosplayed her at school and performed the llevan polkka dance in front of my entire 6th grade class which was like really embarrassing n cringe looking back but i was proud of myself and it got me thru a rough time so idc (yes im autistic). anyways i had a friend who lived in new york who i would facetime everyday after i dropped out of high school and they literally shared the same energy as me. same childhood, same music taste, everything. they had teal/blue hair and their name was tysin. they ended up passing away to gun violence last summer. im not the same anymore, but just remembering them singing world is mine by miku with me on call at 4am keeps me from joining them. 

♡ lain: i feel her story a little too much. when i was 14, i moved out of my abusive father's home and began intensive therapy for c-ptsd and schizoaffective disorder. my dissociation every day made me feel non-existent due to what my "father" did to me. lots of hallucinations caused hospitalizations which caused medication which caused me to feel nothing. i wasnt real. neither was lain.

♡ misa amane: simply the yandere effect. i would do anything if my man told me to, including becoming the second kira. her goth style is how i dressed throughout highschool, and her love for light is extremely relatable. i have been told i cosplay her very well which i appreciate, but they have no clue how strong my emotional attachment to her has been since i was 11, when i would stay up all night watching death note and going to school the same morning. misa's alleged suicide at the end of the series is what i would do if i was in her situation. i cant lose my kira.

♡ asuna yuuki: summer of 2020, i didnt have my antipsychotics for a week. my boyfriend laid in bed with me that whole week making me watch sword art online, i cried like 10 times bc god damn. asuna being trapped in a cage, being abused is how it was at my father's house. imprisoned by someone who is supposed to care for u. u feel hopeless, like asuna. my man told me while we were watching it, that he is my kirito. he saved me from a horrible place in my life, and i bawled my eyes out. my kirito, thank u

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