✰ urghh day one

✰ January 30 12:58 PM 2023

✰ okay so I got to my class early and it was pretty smoothe I love it already and the subjects that we will go over too bcuz communications studies and social media goes in hand and I'm already interested in social media (im chronically online but in a nerd way)! I only have that class today and now I'm in the cafeteria sitting alone my friend will pick me up at around 330 to go share a joint later which is good cuz I have so much nerves and w33d helps me a lot with that. I wish I went on the tour that was available a week ago but I wasn't in town :/ I'll get use to this and I'll be fine but let me whine pls. Anyways I'm gonna try doing my homework :P bleh

✰ listening to: goreshit - return to nhk

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