I can't help it but I think she's lying ...I hate when I feel like im being lied too. she's supposed to be here right now with me but she's "busy"? an also "doesn't feel like driving"?....idk I feel like if you want to see somebody you would make it happen . do you just don't wanna see me? you with someone else ..? or are you truly "tired at 8:09pm?


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Sorry if this is bad because you didn't ask for any feedback but, I think you should express these worries with her if you haven't already. Or maybe you should ask her if she is struggling with anything right now. But it's hard to get a reply sometimes when someone says they're "too tired" or "busy." I'm sorry you're having these thoughts that she might be lying to you because they can be upsetting, it's hard to miss someone and to feel like they're drifting away from you. I hope things get better for you.

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