Ok so this actually happened a few seconds ago. Basically, I was taking out the trash and my mutt, Betty, wanted to come with me. The trash bag is huge and heavy, so I didn't think much to put her back in the house. As I'm walking towards the trash bins, a truck driving down the dirt road I live on slows down a bit, it's my history teacher. He slows down to say hi, and I apologize for Betty chasing him. I would've grabbed her but he didn't fully stop his vehicle. He drives off, and Betty is still chasing him. 

When I finished stuffing the trash into the barrels, I look down the road and see that Betty has been ran over. I got on the four-wheeler and went down the road to pick her up. You don't want to see your pets in that state ever. Betty had got ran over before, but she was only paralyzed for a bit and was disoriented for several weeks.

I don't blame anyone in this situation, but myself. I keep telling myself it was bound to happen. What I find worse about this was that even before the truck had slowed by my house, I had a feeling I should've put her up. This is something that's happened to me before in the past, but this time I was really sure she'd have been fine since I had been keeping track with her. I'd be more over the fact that she got ran over if it hadn't had been by my history teacher. I hope this awful weather keeps the school closed for a week. 

I had people hyping about Betty for her birthday because she was born on Valentines day. I raised this mutt from the moment she was born and now my beautiful mutt is dead. She was actually very ugly but I loved her as if I had gave birth to her myself. 

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