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my first cosplay I'm working on getting stuff for is lum from urusei yatsura, in her winter school uniform because I would be freezing if I just went in her bikini.

but I've been abit indecisive on my second cosplay (i'm cosplaying for mcm london which happens twice a year.) my first choice is madotsuki from yume nikki. my second is a character from the mother series, either paula, kumatora, or jeff. my third choice, which I just thought about afew days ago, is cutie honey! but I still need to watch some of the series. still, I love honey's outfits.

anyway I'm really excited for the cons, and I hope I can start taking sewing classes to up my cosplay game and stuff!
I've also decided that I'm gonna go in my lum cosplay to.. a sparks concert! the one at royal albert hall, because it happens really soon after mcm, so I figured why not. I know russell mael is kind of a weeb so I wonder if he'd recognize lum.

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