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Hello, as my first entry I want to tell a little about what I do on my free time with my friends.
We are a small group that use discord as our main place to talk and share what we are playing, lately one of them is going through all the early Final Fantasy titles, so we keep each other company while he grinds through the dungeons and such, I also have been playing traditional RPGs, Xenogears to be more specific, but haven't played in weeks, just waiting on that burst of motivation to boot-up he game again.
Once our friend thinks he had enough grind for today, we almost always jump on VRChat and explore worlds, most of the time is me, friend and my partner roaming different places, sometimes when we join VRChat on weekends or on an earlier time of the day our European friends tag along. Our friend is the camera man and has been for most of our time together, but we found an avatar that had an add-on for a desktop friendly camera, and now I'm also taking pictures

Friend posing for the camera

My friend and my partner look forward to the day I also get a VR headset, I've been wanting to have one since 2017, but just in the last 3 years I've been able to have a wage that allow me to save, hopefully by April - June I would be able to have my own at last.


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