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hey, yeah, its a dni list (TW)

ive seen other people use these and i thought it might be useful to me and any others so yeah

also if i mention something that you like or are im sorry

double also if i use an incorrect term i apologize, i dont mean to be rude

also comments are disabled because i dont think this should be up for discussion


> Either under the age of 18 or you are not a senior in high school. (this will change after i graduate)

> More than five years older or three years younger than I am. (i know this is specific but it just makes me feel weird, ive got personal reasons, but if i ever set up art commissions im willing to interact on a business level)

> Affiliated with anyone going by the username "Lazii_Knight" on any platform. (this is literally my groomer and while im a bitter person id prefer not to think about them anymore)

> Any sort of "phobic" that targets people for things they cannot change about themselves, including gender, sexuality, romantic life, race, religion, physical or mental handicaps, etc. (this should be self-explanatory)

> Any sort of "philic" that is either highly immoral or illegal. (i hold no sympathy for you people)


> Politics of any sort. (i dont care)

> Anything relating to stan culture. (i find it toxic)

> The current state of the world. (i hear about it enough)

thats about it im sure ill find more to add but until then im goin back to lurking byyyye

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