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Making this post mostly just because I feel the impulse to, as well as an overall intro just so you can get an idea of what I might actually try to put on here. Anyways I'm Felix, I do mostly art and stuff, but I also occasionally do videos on YouTube as well as just generally sharing whatever I decide to obsess over for the week. I don't know how active I will be on this platform, but I really do dig the overall aesthetic and customizability of old web stuff, so I hope to make this a kinda cool-ish niche platform of mine where I post more freely about the stuff I like or am working on versus my other socials. Speaking of, if you do actually want to see stuff that I do outside of rambling or want to see art and projects I have made that predate this page existing, I suggest checking out my links, cus I have plenty of them. 

For now, I will attach the most recent thing I drew just so you can get an idea of what I might usually be doing art wise, though I sometimes like to shake things up every now and again. I have kinda gotten into stuff regarding HTML programming, as well as  modding/custom content for video games. Right now I very notably have been messing around with The Sims 4, though I do also sometimes try and make other stuff for other games if I ever feel like it and/or have the focus to do it. I have super bad executive dysfunction so expect my workflow to be inconsistent at best.

Regardless though, I hope you all enjoy! Here is my recent ish drawing of one of my OC's, Madame Macaron!

Madame Macaron holding a sword about to fucking stab you

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