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I dont get how ppl can talk bad about ppl then expect you to open up and be friends with them?????? You're fake and weird af! You obviously cant be trusted with info either if all you would do is gossip. I've always claimed to not have friends, because it's true! These people are not your friends and they DO NOT care about your feelings. I saw how they reacted to everyone else's feelings and i didn't like it. How can i call someone a friend if they can't be there emotionally. Everyone is NOT your friend and its ok to say they aren't your friend and its ok to GROW OUT OF THEM. You will most likely meet someone new everyday, why waste time trying to fix your bond with someone draining? Makes 0 sense.

 ANywayssssssss someone thought i was in my feelings while typing this but in reality im just speaking my mind on this lil site😭😭😭😭

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i agree but i also know that everyone talks about someone at one point or another. i think as long as the people ur talking about arent innocent then ur good

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well yes, but these were suppose to be my "friends" they could never be my friends tho.... they're fake and weird. Ik i talk about ppl too but like everyday? Every second? Its always something negative. i cant surround myself around negativity because it will only do me dirt.

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