In nihilism lies an indomitable summer.

In nihilism lies a dormant, longing for peace—freedom of choice is a true wonder of the world that has not been seen or understood. 

Despite what modern nihilism tells us, the accidental nature and inherent meaninglessness of life as a biological phenomenon does not mean that our efforts are pointless but instead it allows us to determine what we personally desire out of life. It means we are free to pursue our heart's desire and so enables us each to find our own unique meaning. In my nihilism, a new longing for life was birthed into my memory, in a world where my fate isn't already written by some god, where I get to choose my life and the life I can live, in all of its unpredictability I am awoken by its peace. In nihilism we are free, find that freedom and be constantly awestruck by the splendour of our existenceUnderstand that we are but a spec in the evergrowing universe but be proud of your position in a ruthless environment. 

It is only human to suffer but you did not come into this world to suffer, you came into this world to witness the magnificence of this complex, universal matrix of uncertain, endless possibility. Human nature is beyond duality, it seeks growth in the unknown potential of the human experience. In front of life's omissions lies a growing summer. I will continue to live and struggle until the very end because that's what humans do, it is but our nature. 

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I think you'd be interested in absurdist philosophy, from what you've stated.

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