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Commentary On Ghost's newest album, "Impera"

Soooo I'm listening to my CD of Impera at this moment and I thought that my first blog entry should be about it ^^ perhaps that's mostly what I'll talk about here, music and books. 

So to begin, it starts with an absolutely beautiful instrumental. Emotional, big and epic absolutely delicious. Imperium gives me the tingles. From kaisarion to Dominion we get nothing but absolutely boppin bangers that make me go absolutely FERAL. And all the wonderful satanic and political commentary ties it very nicely together. Twenties is the weirdest, most chaotic and most fun track in the entire album. DATHOML makes me cry each and every time. It got me through my gf breaking up with me. Griftwood is a tad bit boring after such constant epicness but it's pretty nice! Rite of passage is fine and at last, Respite On The Spitalfields has to be my favourite song of the entire album. A beautiful finale and wrap up, with epic instrumentals and vocals, perfectly conveying the fall of the empire. 

All in all a 9/10 album, I recommend it. I love ghost uwu

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