Well, let's talk about him. Personally, I kind of like history, but my history teacher makes me despise it. He doesn't teach it; he based it on his own opinions, not what it says in the textbook, he always brings religion into it and then claims "it's my opinion, so you guys don't have to listen" but it's like he's forcing it on us, and gets mad when we don't agree with him. Then he's always yelling, so loud, I go home with a  headache every day because of him, idky, he just yells. Plus he is a very racist old white man. Always claiming how we, blacks enslaved our own people, not only the whites. Ik history but it had nothing to do with the topic. Then he assigns work expecting us to know what to do. He doesn't teach the lesson, and if he does. The assignment has nothing to do with what he taught. Now, we have a tutor, he's supposed to help us when we are stuck. But Mr. old white men don't like that. He doesn't like that the tutor knows more than him.  Always going back and forth with him. Always. 

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