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albumposting 2 (electric boogaloo)

Today's album is tonight - franz ferdinand !! (not today's ig i listened to it 2 days ago) This is one of the albums i got for my birthday and it was one of the few ff albums i hadn't listened to yet so yk

Franz Ferdinand – Tonight - Album Art | Genius

8.7!!! I really liked it, this album of theirs has more electronic elements which was a nice change and this album's version of lucid dreams was really cool!! I wasn't expecting the ending but it was a really nice surprise i loved it :>

Fav songs:
☆ turn it on, a new ff fave cuz mfmgmgmfmg
☆ what she came for, an overall banger but i really like the end here as well
☆ lucid dreams obv
☆ live alone
☆ send him away
☆ and maybe bite hard?? not sure

But yeah i really loved this album and i have the cd now so !!!@!^@%@

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