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How to make "STYLE IDEA PPT" for you lovelyz divas!!!!

Hello there divas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in this blog i'll teach you how to make a presentation about style idea you had in your beautifull mind<33333

(or basically me giving example, cuz i'm sucks on teaching ;p)

This style ppt is not only you do it cuz you're bored or whtvr but it's also help you to find the perfect style gift for your lover, families, or friend or that cutie co-worker at work.


So this example of ppt is me try to finda stuff for my sis-inlaw's birthday gift

  1. So first you basically want the search for the keyword, cuz for some styles have their own feeling like when you see baggy jeans you my called it "oh that's so 90's" or when you wear brown people called you earth toner. yeah sums like that so this is the example of mine, i usually take 4 keywords so i won't get confused on so many options. 
  2. after you found the keyword we need to make to visual, some moodboards. These moodboards are the founds visual after i search the keyword on google, pinterest, or instagram. You might found some furniture or dolls or accesories but that's okay, then you'll neeed to take the dominanat colour  you see and make a colour palette out of it,
  3. Nowww we can totally work on the inspooooo, YAYYYYY! well inspo is basically inspo. just search the keyword you found but with adding the name clothes like "2000s clothe" or "indie style". Then you will see many thousand of style in one theme from there you can scroll and search for the specific style or  feels that you want whether that is bag, top , bottom, hat, or scarf. 
  4. Now from the inspo we could totally breakdown some element of cloths that we want by making a sketch base the things we want or crop some picture and make it to one. This is needed so we can search or hunt or bought the clothes we want easier basically straight to the point.
  5. Basically we can just stop the presentation at search but i like to add the found, so here is what i got
And that's is how you make "STYLE IDEA PPT" the point of why i make this is beacuse i learnt it in college and somehow i think it's waste of time but turns out it's not LOL

This method also help you saving money, by focusing to buy just based on the list.

So what did you find?

-XoXo princessbabo

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