just started a new show (nsfw language)

so anyways this is gonna have mentions of p0rn and a bunch of other shit so yeah theres ur warning I guess

ok so i just started a new show and its so fucking crazy but so good.

I've never watched a show like this b4 bc I usually watch mlp and random anime but I just started watching ginny and georgia bc everyones talking about it, and I actually like it wtf.

im only on episode 4 but it seems like the show is gonna just be about moody 15 year old, love life and a lot of sex, some shit about masturbation, weird friends, even weirder mom who likes to frame and kill her ex husbands. idek what to think about this show wtf


also max is such a mood she's literally exactly like my friends.

marcus isn't good at sex apparently AND HE WAS GINNYS FIRST TIME IM SO MAD

here's a pointer guysss, sex is NOT like porn as ginny said

also another tip, if ur watching porn with the gals or the guys i guess, DO NOT HAVE THE LAPTOP SO DAMN LOUD they're fucking crazy, you could hear that shit from outside the door

this show is so spicy wtf, in just the first episode we got ginnys mom randomly pulling out a vibrator bc she cant sleep so she ykk

also ginny has sex for the first time wow guess who's not a virgin anymoreΒ 

and georgia is such a laid back mom wtf, all she wants is just for ginny not to make the same mistakes she did, and to be honest to her.

ginny isss kinda a brat but yk she's 15 wtf else does people expect

i feel bad for georgia tho bc got pregers at 15 THATS SO YOUNG and the dad is idk somewhere in fucking alaska, it looks like georgia went through a lot of abuse when she was younger idk, also she's from alabama??? I love the country accent tho. No wonder her real name is Mary.Β 

anyways always use protection and maybe you wont get pregers that young like georgia???

or at least get on birth control LOL

or maybe dont have sexual intercourse that young idfk

if ur gonna do drugs and have sex frequently like these idiots in the show then do it responsibly tyyyΒ 

theres a life lesson from the one and only Val aka random 14 yr old girl who has never experienced anything in her life yw

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