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✰ first day of college lolz

✮ Hi, I use to be pretty active last year and now I'm back ^^ so sorry if no one recognizes its me (previous url named dogboy)

✮ January 29 9:30 PM 2023

I start my first day of college tomorrow I'm so nervous lol because I'm starting late (2nd semester) and I don't know anyone there and it'll be harder w only 3 classes (I'm supposed to have 4 but the last one has to be changed) super spread out schedule like tomorrow I have ONE CLASS and it's only 40 mins?! I'm getting up so early for prepping my lunch and getting on 2 busses on time just for one short class urghhjhhh. And I do know like one friend who goes to the campus but I cut him off for a year for personal reasons then we got in contact again so I guess he's kinda my friend again but he has his own friends + clique that I will never be able to fit into soooooo. yeah no friends how do you even make friends in college lmao I couldn't make friends senior year TwT?!! And I have to use the same backpack from HS too I painted the Riddler symbol on it w white-out so that'll attract friends or make me a friend repellant (lmao both)

✮ I might make these blogs a daily thing? and I'll appreciate any interactions If I get any<3

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good luck! don't worry too much about making friends, it's different than high school. unless your campus is small, i'd say just about everybody is mostly on their own and there aren't super tight cliques like there are in high school so people are pretty welcome to make new friends the whole year round

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omg makes sense thank you for the reassurance !!

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