(18+!!!!) smut fanfiction...

have u guys ever heard of ikemen prince???!?

basically its a shitty phone app visual novel game about anime princes and the story is kind of loosely based on beauty and the beast and you romance one of the princes, follow along with the epic story of the kingdom, go to war, bllah blah blah.....

(i love this game XD)

anyways. the hottest character out of all the prices, obvi , is Licht Klein 😍

click to see Licht bc spacehey wont let me upload an image -_-

hot, mysterious, brooding, stoic, a gentleman, slightly vampire-coded... he has it all.

u dont need to have played ikemen prince to enjoy fanfiction about th characters. all u need to know about licht is hes hot, mysterious, and secretly very kind. so anyways. heres a link to my smut fanfiction lol. adoration and being "too earnest" are things related to licht's route in the game btw they're not just random words i picked out on purpose 


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