Venom Piercings are ACTUALLY happening!!! Finally!!! In 3 Days!!!

     I am so excited to finally get my venom piercings done this Wednesday at noon! I will be blogging about them and including pictures as the week goes on after the piercing to show everyone the healing process. I am super excited you have no idea! I wish I could take a video of me getting them done, but alas, they said no. They did say I could take pictures though! I can't wait to see if my pain tolerance is still wicked high or not. I can't wait to experience what healing two tongue piercings are like. I have had my tongue pierced before, the normal single middle piercing. Each time I had that done, they never hurt and the healing process wasn't bad at all.

     So, to prepare for this week, I have set a schedule for my schoolwork. I plan on getting all of the easy stuff completed tomorrow, whatever I don't finish, will be finished on Tuesday before my class. I am hoping I stick to it, as I don't want to have to worry about anything school related for a few days and only focus on making sure my puppies don't act rowdy around me and make me accidentally hit the piercings. I want to stay focused on keeping them away from my jaw and cheeks.

     I also intend on sleeping out in the living room for a few days in a recliner. I did remember that sleeping always felt like my tongue was pulsating as if I had a headache and felt my blood pressure when it was really high. I read that sitting up while sleeping can ease that feeling if you find it uncomfortable, which I did. 

     I also have meal replacement shakes with my sweetened vanilla almond milk, as well as oatmeal ready for me to eat. I also am curious if I will lose weight during this healing time and not be able to eat many foods. I didn't even pay attention to that when I got my tongue pierced a few other times in the past. Some people reported weight loss. I fluctuate normally up and down 7lbs a week as my normal. I can't seem to break 190 lbs. I am hoping to break it during this piercing healing time. 

     So, when I do begin my blogs, they will be titled in parts, (Part I, Part II, Part III, etc.). I will be doing a pain scale (1 - 10, 10 being severe pain), swelling scale (1 - 10, 10 being super swollen probably going to the ER), and weight (+ or - pounds), and whether or not I introduce solid food and how it goes. I will also list the total price of the piercing as well as the breakdown of the jewelry cost.

     I really want to do a detailed blog, and possibly YT vlog of my experience! I know I researched a lot about this piercing. A lot of videos and information weren't current, a few years old. So I am hoping my blog/vlog helps someone else decide if they will get this piercing or not.

     For now, the need-to-know information is: I researched the closest APP-certified piercing place. I didn't want to go to just any piercing location. I plan on keeping these for life, as long as my body doesn't reject them. So, for the initial piercings, I will use expensive jewelry, which has opals in them and I really love opals, so I am not complaining. I already know the typical jewelry you buy in stores like HT or Spencer's doesn't affect my tongue or healing process, so I do intend on purchasing regular tongue rings eventually, but probably a year from now to make sure my tongue is fully healed. And with the expensive jewelry, I will be getting anyway, better get the wear out of it!

     Of course, any bulletin I post will also have a Blog version, so it can always be found! If you made it this far, thank you! I appreciate it!

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