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fen's intro blog!

hii!! my name's fen. i'm a nonbinary asexual lesbian and my pronouns are they/them

i really like cartoons and theatre and drawing!

my favorite show is probably soul eater bc idk i just love it <3

favorite play is the mousetrap, favorite musical is be more chill as generic as that is because it's just special to me but i also really like once on this island, matilda, the addam's family, mean girls, heathers, and six :)

i also kind of like pippin but i didn't care for the music as much as the plot and i liked dear evan hansen but only cared for maybe 3 of the songs

i also have a very big love for music :) some of my favorite artists and bands are osquinn, glaive, linkin park, mother mother.. idk it's hard for me to pick select artists i like, i just like music 

i also really enjoy milgram (youtube series-ish) and starworld (book about gay people) 

and here's my kinlist:

Sydney Novak - IANOWT 
Paintbrush - II 
Catra - SPOP  
Fennekin - Starters 
Mae Borowski - NITW 
Susie - Deltarune 
Lightbulb - II 
Crona Gorgon - Soul Eater 
Ruby - SU 
Luz Noceda - TOH 
Izuku Midoriya - BNHA 
Legoshi - Beastars  
Fan - II 
Marceline Abadeer - AT
Robin Buckley - ST 
Eda Clawthorne - TOH 
Michael Mell - BMC 
Rainbow Dash - MLP:FIM 
Louise Belcher - Bob’s Burgers 
Peridot - SU 

thx for reading!  

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