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From someone named “Bong” you’d probably expect this Dream blunt rotation would be wild, and you’d be correct. But the REAL dream blunt rotation was the friends we made along the way. The only rules I’d follow for this blunt rotation is to not include people who are against drug usage, or people who I feel like wouldn’t hit the vibe correctly. I guess that’s the point of a blunt rotation huh?

#1. My buddy Steve. Poor bruv never snoked the zaza before. Putting him at numba 1 so he’d be the first I’d pas the jint to.

#2. Epik face. Any Epik face. The original would be ideal though. Idk I think Epik face would hit a good rip and tell som great weed stories.

#3. Snoop dogg. This one is obvious I’m sure he’s on everyone’s dream blunt rotation but I had to add him here just to have some experts up im this bih

#4. 100 Gecs. No explanation.

#5. Joe Biden. I wanna see him cough and struggle. Honestly I’d like to see any old person over 80 cough and  struggle

#6. Cookie Monster. Bruv munchin the cookies alri 

#7. Jesus Christ. No literally. Jesus himself would slap to pass the blunt to.

#8. Rick Sanchez. Bro would have the biggest munchies no lie.

#9. Vault Boy. He’d try to kill someone high or not but it’d be funny.

#10. Penguinz0. Charlie would probably try to debate Rick on the science of sugma or something.

Lmk if I should make a NIGHTMARE blunt rotation next X3

~ Bong

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