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hello!! :3


my name is aeron or pyro

i'm 19 years old!!

i use he/him pronouns!!

i really love to draw, write, play video games, and more recently, sculpt!

i'm trying to learn german, but.. i'm kinda lacking on that part tbh


i rly like dragonsss and fantasy stuff more than anything else! if anything features a dragon, i go crazy over it (only the dragon tho..)!!

on top of dragons, i just love giant monsters in general! idc if the monster movie is bad (monser hunter....), i'll solely watch it for the monsters

currently i'm obsessed with norse mythos (mainly cause of god of war)

i rly like goth, powermetal, numetal, industrial metal, folk, n other music

i've been hyperfixated on half life, gmod, tf2, n l4d for as long as i can remember lol

i also rly like doom, devil may cry, n metal gear rising revengence 

most of my likes are listed on my main page tho.. so go there..


idrk what i hate rn tbh.. but ik i hate quite a lot of things lol


transphobic, terfs



acephobic, biphobic

christians (progressive/gay christians are alr ig)

republicans, conservatives, anti-sjw, bigoted ppl in general

dream stans, dsmp in general (ranboo and philza fans are on thin ice tho)

pedos, lolicons, shotacon, proshippers (you're all the same to me. disgusting freaks)

kaeluc, problematic genshin shippers

ed, thinspo, anti recovery (if you have an ed you're fine, but if you glorify n are toxic then no)

sh glorifiers/encouragers (yk what i mean) 

pleasee interact with me plz:

scene, goth, emo, punk, etc

lgbt ppl

also likes dragons!!

listeners of rammstein, deftones, tool, rob zombie, three days grace, linkin park, slipknot, korn, brothers of metal, hozier, the oh hellos, florence + the machine, shawn james, the crane wives, luci4, true widow (i never see any fans so plz interact,,), heilung, kaleo, dark country listeners, halestorm, the pretty reckless, in this moment, flyleaf, evanessence, insane clown posse lol

fellow artists, sculptors, writers, etcc

rick n morty fans!!

eddsworld fans!!

metal gear rising n devil may cry fans!!!

jerma watchers!!!

furries (not the weird ones plz...)

roblox players (add me!! @PYRORXPTOR)

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