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life update 1_29_23

dude theres something wrong with me on god

whatver though i supose

thats really all i gotta say

life is going good 

still depressed as fuck but its going well

excited for my friends birthday this next weekend, shes cool asf

had lunch with my freshman year roommate today which was awesome, havent seen him in like 2 months. feels really good to be like an adult. I reached out to him, we set up a time and followed through on the plans. Really makes me believe ill be able to keep in touch with all my friends from college which is amazing, as Ive been worried about it for so long

idk what else to say really, still stressed out my mind non stop over like not strerssing out

maybe i should go on pills, ive been thinking about it

whatver, im gonna try and relax and play videogames now fuck it

update on quitting nicotine is that i smoked a few cigarettes last night cauyse i was blackout drunk with my boy and my other friend whos having the birthday party

I think its going good though, just kinda like chilling, ill see what happens

This week I would like to watcha  movie with a few friends

maybe ill host weed and wine wednesday at my place. that would be chill asf

cheerios - ben

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