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#7 weekly van update - FENCING AGAIN WOOO


hi all!!!

it's van back again. jesus CHRIST these weeks are flying by. it's like i blink and boom. gone. weird as shit!!

i didn't do much again this week, grrrrr, i need to do stuff more often :sob: i've just been so demotivated!!! 

since i'm re-taking the beginner course (it's what was recommended since i'm a brand new fencer), it was all the usual stuff, but we got a bUNCH MORE PEOPLE. like, including me, last session we had 4, now we have 11 !!!! and a lot more kids around my age, which is better than fencing with two twelve year olds and one of the twelve year olds' mother. we spent a lot of the time getting everyone geared up-- not me though, i kept my rented gear heheheh >:3 then we just went back over the basics, like en garde and stuff. we DID get to use épées though which was SO FUN, i've noticed i've gotten a lot more confident in my attacks and lunges and putting more force behind my hits!! it was fun drilling with a new kid and having to be like "YOU CAN HIT ME IT IS OKAY YOU WILL NOT HURT ME PLEASE JUST HIT HARDER" but yknow it's a weird thing to get used to

another cool thing is that i got to hang out with my friend lance on thursday!! we only got to hang out for like 2 hours cause we had to pay for parking and we used up all our change :sob: but it was still super fun!!! we mostly just sat around and talked. and drank boba tea. the usualllll

my weekend was chill, i didn't do anything. i mean literally all of saturday i just played cookie run for like, 7 hours straight. fun fact i'm hyperfixated on cookie run kingdom!!! yayyY!!!!

ohhhhh one big thing is that i dropped out of being in the band i was in. it just. wasn't really all that fun to do anymore. i feel bad about it but it was causing more stress than good :( 

today is sunday i went home to my mom's one day early cause my dad had to go on a business trip, he didn't want to at all, but youtube is a shitty client sometimes!!! for context, my dad is an instructional designer working for a company called cognizant, if you don't know what instructional designers do, they basically make training material for companies!! he has to go to a training conference being held by youtube, and the client working for them was actually horrible to him when he tried to get out of it. so yeah. >:(
i got to come with him to the airport this morning when my stepmom dropped him off. we wanted to walk him into the airport and do all the quintessential sappy airport goodbye, buuuutttt my baby sister threw up in the car and we couldn't go in. which really sucked cause a quick hug goodbye didn't feel like enough :( it's weird how sad i am considering i wouldn't have seen my dad for a week anyway, cause i'm going back to my mom's.... meh. just hope the trip isn't too bad for him!!

i drove my brother back to my mom's today, i've only driven with him once, i expected him to be a dick about it, but he was actually super chill. so that was fun!

i have homework i gotta do which is super annoying :(((( it's day a million of not knowing what i'm gonna do about my screenplay lmao. i guess i'll just take it one day at a time 

anyway, i should probably do my homework like, right now. 


~ van !!!

p.s. should i start doing a song of the week? i think that could be really fun!!!

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