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Baking Through Our Cultures 2023

Baking Through Our Cultures 2023

Current Cookbook: Chicano Bakes
I was gifted for Christmas from my mom the cookbook Chicano Bakes. I grew up having a family Mercado but never learned how to cook and bake all our favorites. I'm determined this year to cook through one of the many cultures my family is a part of. 

Cortadillo - Mexican Pink Cake Pg 59
Baked: 01/22/23

Cucumber Lime Aqua Fresca Pg 210
Made: 02/15/23

Orejitas Pg 83
Baked: 02/26/23

Pecan Loaf Pg 69
Baked: 03/31/23

Jelly Roll Pg 87
Baked: 04/08/23

Sprinkle Cookies Pg 66
Baked 03/31/23

Bolillos Pg 29

Molletes Pg 178

Bunuelos De Viento Pg 96

Edited: 06/07/23

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