hey, shit about me


since i dont feel like putting an entire essay on my profile, heres some shit about me :o)

1. im autistic, using tone tags helps me out.

2. my hyperfixations at the moment are homestuck, death note, and my little pony (please dont tell me that you like these things more than i do because i'll probably get upset lmao)

3. i like to think im a nice person! feel free to msg me (not to vent, if u vent i will laugh at u because who just vents to a rando on the interwebs?? shiz wack o.O)

4. i dont rlly have a dni but i will block u if i wannaa

5. my pronouns are he/him but i think neos are fudgin dope!! so u can use whateva neos u wanna use on meΒ 

6. i type depending on my mood, so i can type like; 'haii every1 how r we feelinn ;3 <3' one day and then "Hey, how are you feeling?" the next, (itz so weird....T_T)

7. i am CRINGE as FUCK. and not 'im conventionally attractive and i say uwu and dress like a scene kid!! hehe im so cringe bleh' like not that typa cringe ; i will prlly make u feel super awk on accident like all the time cuz i can be embarrassing but who cares cuz cringe culture is ded X_X

8. RAWRΒ thaz it. love u bye!! mwah <3

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