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Get to know me better

Name: Mel

Age: 20

Height: 4'10

Zodiac: Taurus


Hobbies: Drawing, painting, browsing media, Learning about lost media, watching paranormal videos, creating scripts for shifting

My Boundaries: No weird sexual comments toward me

Favorite animals: Guineapigs and Capybaras

Favorite colors: red, pink, purple, wood brown, forest green, Brown red, orange-brown,

Favorite foods: Baby octopuses, fast-food breakfasts, breakfast sandwiches, buffalo chicken, chicken salads, ramen, pasta, tomato soup, dumplings, burgers, fish, dark chocolate

Favorite song genre: Indie chill going music- I used to listen to more rock songs- you can find the playlist in my spodify link.

Favorite things to talk about: Lost media, horror content, art, ARG's, Old movies, My kins, Fnaf, DHMIS, Sally face, the bottom of the ocean

Dream house: A cottage


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