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lately i've been so much lazier than normal and iiii hate ittttt, so i'm gonna try and do a bit more, but i've been super unmotivated. I need to figure out how to get my motivation back. I've been putting off some of my chores, i've been staying in bed late ahugheuh

I need motivation so bad

I have to start scheduling a daily routine again

which means waking up earlyy every day and all that stuff

now if i can just go to bed at a good time this might actually work out and i could possibly be consistent with it, IM HOPINGGGG

I need to spend less time just doing nothing, I will also try and do my chores a lot earlier like in the mornings so I can have more time to just do what I want. My biggest issue is procrastination because I always end up forgetting what I was supposed to be doing, like I can forget something withing just 1 minute or less its weird. 

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