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I was thinking about what to eat tonight and I only had the black rice in mind (delicious so everything is ok so far), but I can't keep hiding that lately I've been suffering a lot from how I can't handle complicated stuff , and everyday life days with its heavy loads. I've been with my boyfriend for more than a year and I'm seriously dying worn out by how I can't handle the reality of the facts: it's not going well at all and we begin to distance ourselves in the sentimental sense (we are a couple, about two hours away by car from each other). I can't handle it and I try to avoid even thinking about it, this makes the situation worse. I threw myself on spacehey chaotically decorating the profile so as to distract myself and not think that I'm losing the most important person I have. I feel bad and I can't help it. i'm really not well and i can't tell anyone about it except a pink screen who can't react.

 i really needed to vent

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