Broker film

I went to the cinema today which was pretty cool...I watched the movie Broker... Has anybody seen it? It's a korean movie. Might've come out this year? or last year? It was okay... but im not really a fan of sentimental movies....I feel like quite a lot of them are pretentious....... I dont know how to explain but they all have this peace and love kinda message... it's just gross. i can't put it into words... simply because it's bothering me and i dont really know how to feel better besides shoving it away and forgetting about it... i do this very often.. I go to therapy maybe twice a week.. It's so annoying to actually deal with hard situations.. i much prefer to forget about it. It's a pain when i have to talk about it to my therapist. Because i can't always recall why or what triggered me to feel sad.. 

I don't like sentimental movies because it feels gross to me.

They annoy me but i can't talk about these feelings with anybody really because it makes me look like one of those characters on tv that are like... cold and mean and happiness is bad and stuff. 

Makes me kinda look like a weirdo haha don't you think? But it's the truth. 

I don't really know what people put on a blog. I've actually never done this. This is a song i really like:

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