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Why be anon?

when it came to really make these big decisions about what my artist name would be and what my persona would be I thought about these questions :

"what do I want the world to see of me?" and "how can I capture my essence into my work while still being creative"

answer #1 is .. well not much. just my music. now don't get me wrong im beautiful as fuck, face card never declines body on fine type shit. ive had numerous rappers approach me, blah blah blah but tbh that's not motion to me. being sexualised and being perceived by others for what I already know I am didn't sit right to me.. I always repeat the saying in my head I want to be heard and not seen. and its like what benefit do I gain from knowing everyone wanna eat my ahh like be fr!! 

answer #2 is.. I feel like my words are impactful, aint there an old saying bout your tongue being the most powerful weapon, everything starts with a conversation, a talk, a speech, a message and nowadays a hashtag. so like I said in my last entry, I loved books growing up;the beauty of books to me was the freedom to imagine everything as you see fit taking my face out of the equation will give people that freedom and I think its cool. it also allows me to be creative and play around with my image ive been thinking of what ill wear to conceal my tattoos, what masks ill wear. like ima have allot of fun with this

but to speak on it more and tie everything together, I just know for a fact I don't need to ride on my looks to succeed when you have it you have it and I definitely do. everything about me exudes what I want naturally and that's why I chose to go by vixen. they're sly, beautiful , a lil deadly and mysterious- I mean its also a play on video vixen cause I mean lets be fr im sooo sexy y'all just don't know it ... yet

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