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hello!!! iz marcyy

Hi guys!!! sorry I haven't been posting a lot here since I joined. I've been SWAMPED with work and school. I'm tooooo sleeby to write an album review today. I will next time I'm free!! 

finding ideas is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, especially for writing semi passionate love letters to the music I discover in this big, magnificent world. It's all very enthralling for me to dig up, especially unchained from any bias from those around me. 

who could've thought the worlds hardest job would be an artists- to unravel our own perceptions of the reality we have been dealt. Incredible that our minds are able to take in this huge universe, and be completely able to reconstruct it in colorful ways on any form of medium. And art is within everyone, so why not try my hand at it? I use this form of literature to invite everyone into a word of my thoughts, my processes, my human machinery. To experience music in the way I have; eating it up, then tasting, then savoring, then digesting fully until its ready to be consumed once again. It's another important cycle that creates a powerful peace and great joy inside myself. once I am able to accomplish my dream of finding all the right words to create flavorful music articles, I hope the readers get the same feeling too.

anywho I gotta go to bed n stuff lolz.. see u guys tmrw!! ^-^

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